A Man For All Seasons
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Warner Home Video


STREETDATE: September 27, 2011

DVDUPC: 883929199310

DVDPRICE: $14.96

Charlton Heston directs and stars in a gripping adaptation of Robert Boltís international stage success that focus on two formidable antagonists: Henry VIII, who breaks with the Catholic Church to divorce his aging wife, and Lord Chancellor Sir Thomas More, whose conscience will not allow him to condone the break, even at the risk of his own life.

Fans of the honored 1966 film will find much to savor in this version. The stage role of the Common Man has been restored, providing a frame for the action. The exceptional cast includes Vanessa Redgrave as Alice More, John Gielgud as Cardinal Wolsey and Roy Kinnear (to whom the movie is dedicated) as the Common Man. And Academy Award winner Heston, in a role he played often on stage, tempers Moreís flinty integrity with an underpinning of humorous warmth.

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